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Kylie Jenner Went To Prom As Date Of Guy Who’d Been Rejected

Prom is supposedly the highlight of teen Americans’ formative years.
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Woman Who Spent Evening With Justin Bieber Says He Has A ‘Small Dick’

"Small dick and 12 year old body", she said
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Justin Bieber Gets Held Back From Fighting DUring Hockey Play

Justin Bieber is brazen!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West respond to divorce rumours

People won’t be able to cope if these two end :(

Kanye & Kim Aren’t Living Together For ‘Medical Reasons’

Kanye has been living apart from wife Kim since he was released from hospital
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A Porn Actress Has Responded To Pamela Anderson Slagging Off Porn

"Porn is for fun, for pleasure, for entertainment"
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CBB Winner Stephen Bear Is ‘Set To Be A Millionaire Within Six Months’

He’s tipped to make his first million within six months.
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Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Sculpture Is Now an Art Exhibit

Kim Kardashian unveiled the artwork through a private viewing in Los Angeles.
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Blac Chyna Says She’d Still Be in Strip Club if She Weren’t Famous

"I'm just keeping it real."
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Ellen DeGeneres Under Attack For Posting ‘Racist’ Usain Bolt Meme

People aren't happy...