Chester Bennington: Linkin Park vocalist ‘took his own life’

This is tragic news.
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Katy Perry Opens Up About Past Suicidal Thoughts During Livestream

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Kendall Jenner Has Lethal Panic Attacks After Frightening Encounter With Stranger

Jenner says the panic attacks wake her up at night.
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People Who Mix Cocaine And Alcohol Are More Likely To Attempt Suicide

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Famous Bodybuilder Died After ‘Falling Out Of Brothel Window’

His wife thinks he may have jumped.
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Ellie Goulding Says How She Beats Her ‘Paralysing’ Anxiety & Panic Attacks

'I was afraid of letting everyone, including myself down'
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The X Factor’s Jahmene Douglas Shares Heart-breaking Message Of ‘Suicidal thoughts’ on Twitter

James Arthur reaches out: 'I know what you're going through'
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4 Tips You Can Apply Every Day To Improve Your Mental Health

Reports suggest that our mental health is deteriorating at a rapid pace.
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James Arthur Raised Awareness For World Mental Health Day with X Factor shout-out

The singer was back on the show last night to perform his number one single.
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Adam Deacon Speaks On Mental Health With Stephen Fry

On BBC News