A NEW On-Demand Delivery Service Offers McDonald’s & KFC To Hungry Tunbridge Wells Residents

They plan to expand fast and deliver anything in your local area....

A new on-demand delivery service has just recently launched in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. They are currently only delivering to the Tunbridge Wells area, but plan to expand fast.

As of current they deliver McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Strabucks, Greggs and many more to hungry Tunbridge Wells residents.

DoorDrop opened at noon on July 22 and promises a service not just delivering food and drink from restaurants in the area, but mandatory items too.

DoorDrop’ whole ethos is to bring anything you want from your local area to your front door within an hour.

We spoke with Laurence, who is one of the companies co-founders and he said: “At the moment we’ve got 13 food businesses listed on the site and in the coming weeks we’ll be adding more as well as non food related businesses too”

“We want to make it known that we’re not just some fast food delivery service, although that’s where we’ve begun. We want to bring anything from peoples local areas to their front door within an hour – that is essentially the goal”

When we asked Laurence if they’re planning on expanding he said: “Well, at the moment we’re just focusing purely on Tunbridge Wells and getting a solid foundation set up down there – but it’s 100% in our plans to expand fast and we’re already in talks about doing so.”

“So to answer your question, yeah, we are planning to expand – we want this to become a global company”

The company pays their drivers with the delivery fee you pay at checkout, and make their profit by either putting a small markup on menu prices or having agreements with the businesses themselves – where they charge the standard menu price but take a cut of the revenue of sales brought in by them.

How does it work?

1. Search by address to see if they deliver to your area.

2. Choose a restaurant or shop

3. Pay by card.

4. Sit back and wait for your food.

The whole idea itself is brilliant, there are many delivery services out there currently but they only focus on food – so they’ve definitely found a gap in the market with this one.

We’re living in an era where if we want something, we want it there and then. Amazon and some other places offer next day delivery but if you have the choice to get something you want within an hour you’re most likely gunner do that – I know I would.

Feel free to check out their website HERE.

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