‘Misfits’ Is Getting A Reboot And They’ve Announced Their Cast


It’s hard to believe that Misfits series 1 kicked off all the way back in back in 2009. It was one of those cult shows that captured the imagination with gripping storylines, blended with great comedy and a bit of dirt.

In the end it kind of ran it’s course though problem with it, so many characters left and so many changes happened that by the final season a lot of people seemed to lose interest.

Misfits’ first episode aired in 2009, with the original cast consisting of Lauren Socha, Antonia Thomas, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Iwan Rheon (who went on to portray Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones) and Robert Sheehan, who was touted as being the best character in the series.

The original cast listed above only stayed together for two series, dealing with some horrific events during their community service after a storm gave them supernatural powers.

At the end of the second season, when the ‘gang’ all went to a dealer to swap their powers, Nathan (played by Sheehan) left for Las Vegas in the hope his new magic abilities would bankrupt casinos. A character named Rudy (played by Joseph Gilgun) directly replaced Nathan as the funny, brash and unpredictable main protagonist.

It got to a point where all of the original cast had left – to be replaced by Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe and Natasha O’Keeffe.

People then slowly lost interest and the show ended after five seasons in 2013.

But there is some good news, for some, because it’s getting an American reboot. Proceed with caution.

There are obvious examples of US remakes that simply haven’t worked (The Inbetweeners, for one) and a fair few that have (The Office, anyone?).

Four of the five main characters have already been named in the remake, too, as Radio Times reports that Ashleigh LaThrop, Tre Hall, Allie MacDonald and Jake Cannavale will be popping up in the pilot episode.

It’s gunner follow the same premise: young offenders, giving back to their community by wearing orange jumpsuits and picking up litter, before their lives are changed during an electrical storm which gives them powers.

According to Radio Times the show will be developed by The OC creator/Gossip Girl co-creator Josh Schwartz’s Fake Empire production company.

The original series creator Howard Overman is reportedly on board, too.

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