Domino’s Are Training Reindeer to Deliver Pizza

As part of a contingency plan for a particularly harsh Japanese winter.

Domino’s are bringing new delivery methods to their company on the daily, they’ve already done everything from delivery drones and droids, to canoe deliveries – but now, they’re training reindeer to deliver pizza as part of Domino’s Japan’s preparation for what is predicted to be a very harsh and icy winter. The company also plans on using snowmobiles as vehicles across the country.

According to a RocketNews24 report, the company is “performing training exercises in the city of Ishikari in icy Hokkaido”.

Forget drones, @dominos wants to deliver #pizza via reindeer https://t.co/h1HW2DUaFf pic.twitter.com/GQpm1usG3Q

Huw Bristow
Staff Writer

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