Social Experiment Goes Wrong When A Woman Gets Groped On A Train

Did anyone help her though?

Ask your self this: If you were on a tube and you saw some bird getting harassed, would you help her? Or speak up with the motive of exposing the man who’s doing her wrong?

Well, popular London based prank channel TrollStation put this to test, with another one of their social experiments.

They had a woman (ACTOR) go on a tube, and had a male (ACTOR) grope her. All to see how the members of the public would react.

Check out what happened below, I’ll tell you a little something without giving away what actually happens: It’s not pretty!

Have a look!

The video above was created to see how members of the public would react to seeing a woman being sexually harassed on a tube in London, and as you’ve probably seen by now, one man did step in for the woman, who was being groped in the video clip above.

He got brazen, went in for the attack, then they told him it was a social experiment before things got nasty.

It just shows though, out of everyone on that tube, only two people really stepped in to sort things out. Yeah one person is all it takes, but more people should of stepped in and got that man away from her.

Let us know what you would of done in a situation like this, or what you would do if a situation like this occurred?

Source: Social Experiment

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