Real Mutant Rats As Big As Cats Are Now In The UK

Watch out people!


The British Pest Control Association have just come out and announced that huge cat sized rats are going to be coming over to England in early 2016 (well that’s bloody great isn’t it)

Experts state that these mutant rats thrive off over-the-counter poisons that make them bigger and stronger, they even breed different after these poisons – causing a new and improved breed of rat, just like the movies.

“Normal rats are being killed off by poison , so these resistant species are taking their place. It’s only natural that their numbers are expanding and there could be a significant risk to public health if their population is left unchecked . The rodents have become resistant and, in some cases, immune to off- the-shelf poisons to the point where they’re actually feeding off the toxic pellets, which means their size and strength is increasing.” Said Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA.

One of these rats was found recently in a London tube station, check it out below.

Real Mutant Rats As Big As Cats Are Now In The UK

They are saying this is nothing compared to this new species that’s developing.

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