We Did A Little Digging On The Nikki Benz & Lisa Ann Situation…

So, after a bit of digging we began to realise the real situation involving Top Pornstars Nikki Benz & Lisa Ann…

According to a number of sources including The Real Porn Wiki Leaks & Nikki Benz herself, it turns out this whole ordeal (deary me) is a boy crying wolf… Lisa Ann actually started the beef, which has been way over done (I like my steak medium rare) and now it’s blown up in her face (I know she’s used to that). She’s turned it around on poor ol’ Nikki & cried for mama!

This is maybe how Lisa’s feeling right about now…

Seriously though, this is real life & if Nikki really wanted to cause any harm to Lisa she could of easily done so… People aren’t that hard to find, especially when you’re one of the most famous (ex) Pornstars in the world.

Here is something that we call slipping the f**k up here in England: Recently retired Lisa Ann told TMZ that she couldn’t even attend the most recent AVN awards due to a fear of her safety but… HERE SHE IS, AT THE AVN’S HAVING A WHALE OF A TIME!?

 & this is even from Lisa’s Facebook!

Also, both stars attended the January ’15 Awards earlier this year as hosts/presenters… You can’t of been that scared Lisa mush!.. See for yourself

 At the recent Xbiz’s Nikki made a corker of a joke directed at Lisa Ann, it went something along the lines of…

“Thank you so much for retiring, ‘coz there ain’t nobody like your ass in the industry,”

The crowd knew a good joke when they heard one, along with the crowds laughter, Benz found support online that Friday night…

Here is the report from TMZ again so you lot can feast your filthy eyes on a couple lies here n there you know what I mean…

‘In the docs, filed Friday in LA. … Lisa says Nikki began attacking her on Twitter last December, and incited her more than 700,000 followers to do the same. Lisa claims Nikki was “encouraging and rewarding” those who made threats on her business and her safety.

Lisa — who recently retired from the biz — says the threats continued into January … including someone threatening to rape and kill her unless she deposited money into an account. She says the threats became so violent and frequent … she couldn’t go to the AVN Awards to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award.’

Here is the story/part of the story in the stunners words herself, taken from Nikki’s twitter.

    I wouldn’t wanna f**k with someone that has screenshots of me looking like a plumb.

At the end of the day it’s a couple words that have spiraled out of control, I’m sure both Nikki & Lisa would love nothing more than for this load of dog shi*te to be over with already… It seems as though the twitter argument is OLD NEWS & Lisa is trying to milk every last drop out of the ragged old cows udder me boy!

We apologize to you, Nikki, if our previous post on the matter was misleading to the public in any way.

Source: The Real Porn Wiki Leaks

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